Wise men make more opportunities than they find. (Francis Bacon)
He who seeks pearls must dive deep. (John Dryden)
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. (Albert Einstein)
The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. (Linus Pauling)
Si vis pacem para bellum (Giulio Cesare)
I don't want any yes-men around me. I want everybody to tell me the truth even if it costs them their job. (Samuel Goldwin)
If you can talk brilliantly about a problem, it can create the consoling illusion that it has been mastered. (Stanley Kubrick)
Managers who are good communicators are often expert in hiding real problems. (Chris Argyris)
To dare: that is how you achieve progress. (Victor Hugo)
The secret of success is sincerity; once you can fake that you have got it made. (Jean Girardoux)
An ounce of imagination us worth a ton of strength. (Laurence J. Peter)
Few things happen at the right moment in time, and most things just don’t happen at all. The conscientious historian can correct these defects. (Herodotus)
From history we only learn that we don’t learn from history. (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel)
It is not true that we don’t have time, we have too much time that we don’t know how to use. (Seneca)
Speak softly and carry a big stick. (Theodore Roosevelt)
Right and wrong can never be precisely divided in two so that each part has none of the other. (Alessandro Manzoni)
The greater a man, the less fixed are his opinions, which depend on events and circumstances. (Napoleon)
Only superficial people don’t judge by appearances. (Oscar Wilde)
Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)
Only the very wise and the very stupid never change. (Confucio)
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Selection criteria

Interazione is a small company that does not currently have any full time employment openings.
However we offer various opportunities for stimulating activities for external consultants.

Who are we looking for?
Don’t assume that you need a qualification in corporate or media communications.
If you can explain technical things in an interesting way to a non technical aunt or uncle over dinner then you may have the right  talent.
Can you spot what it is that makes something interesting to the layman?
Can you read a balance sheet  or do you know how aeroplanes fly, jet engines and power stations work?
Do you know which are the most important companies in Italy in the aerospace and defense sector?
You must be fluent in Italian and be able at least to read source material well in English, and preferably to speak and write in good English. Almost  everyone who has worked  with Interazione has a university degree, but more than diplomas, we look for talent, precision and initiative.

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